WE WILL MAKE SURE WE GET YOU THROUGH THIS LOCK DOWN - leaner, healthier and most importantly safely 

Hi there!

Firstly I hope you are well during this unpresidented time. Chances are you are at home reading this with bags of time on your hands. If you are serious about getting results then now is the time!


Lets think about this logically... there will be no distractions, no meals out and no big work commitments. So why can't you do this on your own? Because in reality you are just guessing and you are not accountable to anything or anyone.

So with that in mind let us take control of the situation for you and make things easier by mapping out exactly what you need to do, so that you shed fat LONG TERM

My name is Liam Richardson the CEO of LIAMFIT. We specialise in helping men and women drop body fat in a fast but healthily time frame to ensure weight stays off for good! In the last 6 years we have transformed 1000s of lives without them having to sacrifice what they enjoy the most.

I wanted to create a business that empowers women and men to make good choices long term and maximise results. I've been in your shoes before, starting out I had no clue and certainly had no longevity in what I did. Which inevitably led me back to square one again, so with an immense amount of hard work and 1000s of pounds of investment, I finally had the tools to help so many people not make the same mistakes that I did at the start.

We now have a reputable name for ourselves all over the world. I have created a system that can help women and men shed fat and become the best version of themselves.

If this sounds like something you want, then look no further and schedule a free phone consultation to discuss how we can transform you into something you deserve!

I can't wait to hear from you!


our coaching is for:

Women and men who are determined to get into shape whilst in lockdown.

Women and men who want to shed fat forever.

Women and men who work hard but want to enjoy the process along the way.

Women and men who are determined to come out of lockdown looking and feeling better than they went in.

our coaching is not for:

Women and men who make excuses to why they cannot follow there programmes.

Women and men that blame the lockdown for their poor health choices

Women and men who choose to let the lockdown get the better of them.

Women and men that want to waste time while they have time off.

Hundreds of peoples lives have changed! are you ready to change yours?

"so what's included"

Bespoke nutrition programmes that fits your lifestyle

Tailored Home workouts either with or without equipment.

Exclusive access to our community, where you will have hours of educational content

Constant access to coaches within the LIAMFIT brand.

Life changing knowledge to transform your body and mind for a lifetime


I've seen lots of home workouts and programmes online....what stands you different from the others?

I completely understand where you are coming from, with the current situation there are lots of FITPROS trying to do the same thing but sadly with no real desire to help you as an individual. With that in mind I am GUARANTEEING results or your money back...Bold statement I know but thats how confident I am. So the answer to your question is that I actually care and have a desire to help you get through this pandemic.

I have no gym or any home equipment though?

No need to worry, most people don't. This is completely bespoke programming, we will adjust it to what you have at home. Think about it, this is the perfect opportunity to get in the shape of your life. There will be no eating out, no social distractions, no work commutes or no holidays. Everything is taken into consideration, its time to become accountable with us...

Is this another FAD? cutting out food groups inevitably losing longevity?

Absolutely not, it's our mission to empower you to make educated decisions to help you long term. This means nothing will be removed from your diet, allowing you to eat the foods you enjoy whilst still getting incredible results. Our flexible dieting approach allows us to balance out your work ethic with your social life. 

How much will this cost?

 The cost is what you value your health at but from as little as £3 per day for 12 weeks you will get in the shape of your life. The minimum I work with someone for is 12 weeks, this will allow a healthy time frame to get in shape.

This sounds amazing! where do i sign up?!

Please fill out the short form below so we can get you signed up.

During this call we will discuss in more detail of where you want to get too and map out a plan of attack. If we are the right fit for you then we will give you the opportunity to join our coaching team.

Once submitted you will have the chance to book in with a FREE consultation call at your chosen date and time.

Please dont worry, we wont take any card details yet, we just want to know more about you first.


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