Daniel Spencer

Client Daniel has worked with me for 1 year and 6 months and has lost an incredible 7 stone in weight. Daniel came to me lost and confused in the world of fitness and health, where he had no direction and didn’t know what to believe. Since day 1 we have worked hard on Daniels mind set and drastically improved his nutrition to have balance within his lifestyle. He has shown by having a hard working mentality just what can be achieved if you put you mind to it. Massive congratulations to Daniel.

Paul Barker

Paul came to me for 12 weeks and achieved results relatively quickly and really enjoyed the process. In those 12 weeks he lost 2 stone in weight and lost 12 inches across his body. Paul achieved these results with multiple injuries that had occurred prior to training with me, which created numerous problems for us along the way. However his structured and specific training program allowed him to work around his injuries and improved some of the injuries as time went on.

Vicki Allen

Vicki has worked with me for 14 months and still today continues to train with me. Her results are remarkable; she has lost 5 stone and has lost 21 inches across the body. Having followed juice plus prior to me, she found herself felling drained, unhealthy and miserable, she even was losing her hair! Vicki quickly fell in love with the process, as she found she could eat more whilst see results that she desired. Vicki has recently just had a baby and is keen to push on further this year.

Leanne Joyce

Leanne found my services by online coaching. She chose to be coached for 10 weeks and wanted to learn more about nutrition and training so that she can reach her weight lose goal. Leanne lost 20 pounds and achieved a loss of 12 inches across the body. Due to the fact that we couldn’t train 1 v 1, we had to speak via Skype calls and message. She found out that in her case doing less equated to more results… crazy hey!

Leah Onyett

Leah came to me via my online coaching system and wanted to tone up and lose body fat, I think it is safe to say that she achieved this!! Within 10 weeks she lost 10 pounds and showed an increase in muscle definition. She got taught flexibility and how she can factor in all food groups into her diet and still achieve results.

Hannah Jones

This is the result from Hannah’s 10-week programme, 8 inches down across the body with a 7 pound weight loss to go with it. Hannah enjoyed the process as she realised she didn’t have to do endless amounts of cardio to achieve fat loss, Hannah found her self enjoying free weights and loving the gym again with her new approach to training.

Zoe Bateson

Zoe has not only transformed her physique but her whole character has too. Zoe came to me very shy and nervous but desperate for help with her body. We worked on improving her confidence by setting short-term goals and then figuring out how to achieve them. As the weeks went by, the pounds started to fall off and you could really see her attitude change about life, she became confident and backed her ability within the gym. In the space of 20 weeks zoe lost 22 pounds and because of this life changing experience she has gone away to study personal Training and wants to work in a gym. Great work Zoë!!!

Julie Richardson-Payne

Client Julie with her brand new physique, 5.7 stone down and still going strong. Julie came to me at almost 18 stone but at 4ft 11 she was in desperate need to shift some weight as her health was starting to deteriorate.  Julie has been with me 16 months now and has sustained her weight loss and continues to push further with her body composition.

Evie Buxton

My client Evie smashing her 8-week programme, Evie came to me 6 weeks after giving birth to her child and wanted to tone up whilst reducing body fat. Evie lost 2 dress sizes and 10 pounds. Evie has proved that you can find time to exercise and learn about good nutrition whilst having a child to care for….there are no excuses people!!

Stacie Sutton

What an amazing transformation from my client Stacie Sutton, Stacie has lost 8 stone in 20 months. Her whole outlook on life has developed so much that she now bases her own work around her fitness. Stacie previously had tried every diet on the planet and failed miserably as she couldn’t keep any consistency with her diet. Over time we managed to process her mind to enjoy a balanced diet and enjoy training based around her work commitments and children.

Tom Gear

Tom came to me with the goal of increasing muscle mass and we certainly achieved that! With scientific backed nutrition and tailored training programmes we managed to drop 6% body fat and 12 pounds. Tom found he got stronger and fitter during the process and is about to go onto his next 12 week programme.

Katie Knight

Katie's 10 week programme worked a treat; she only could come to the gym once a week, which was with myself. With limited time to commit to the gym we focused on intensity with our workouts and watched the body fat drop consistently throughout, great work Katie!

Andy Hall

Andy came to me wanting to Bulk, he had struggled for years being classed as too ‘skinny.’ He approached me with my online services and my immediate attention was to his nutrition and the way he trained. With a steady increase in good wholesome calories and a tailored training programme going from strength to hypertrophy training, we managed to pack on 20 pounds in the space of 12 months.

Nikki Munns

Nikki wanting to fit in her bridesmaid dress and we did more than that! Nikki dropped 19 pounds and the process gave her the confidence to change her appearance/feel great in her clothes. Nikki trained once a week with myself in the gym and followed my training programme at home twice a week alongside her tailored nutritional programme.

Aaron Struggles

Aaron came to me with a little training background knowledge but had no real result. I put Aaron on a strength and conditioning programme as he wanted to keep a good frame whilst cut into his excess body fat. With the programme we managed to lose 28 pounds!!!! He now strives for an even stronger physique, well done Aaron.

Jo Gilbey

Jo really enjoyed my nutritional coaching on this programme; we needed to make her diet more interesting and enjoyable. We adjusted the way she cooked foods and the amount she ate by controlling her macronutrients. Jo had a training programme she could follow away from myself in the gym and it made the hour she came in worthwhile and productive. Jo lost 15 pounds and 10 inches across her body.

Emily Kidd

This is the result of Emily’s 10 weeks Programme. Emily didn’t have to lose too much weight as you can see from the picture but wanted to understand more about nutrition and how she could implement good foods around her busy life.  Emily managed to lose 8 pounds here and 9 inches across her body, the most important part about this transformation is how much stronger mentally she got.

Georgia Gillingham

What a great transformation from online client Georgia. She lost 7 pounds and as you can see from the photo she gained some serious muscle definition before her holiday. we managed to mix her workouts up in the gym with a mixture of free weights and HIIT training to achieve her desired body fat goal.

Gaby Lyon

What a fantastic transformation from my client Gaby, she lost 14 pounds and 7% body fat here.  We changed Gaby's mind set towards the gym, she went from hating the gym to absolutely loving it. Our PT sessions were focused on a fun but Structured bases, as we needed to get Gaby motivated for the gym whilst keeping it result based.

Lauren Ray

Lauren's 5 week check in, no dramatic changes in her diet just hitting her macronutrients well and training hard. It’s amazing what your body can do with a little focus, well done Lauren.

Jess Poolman

Jess lost 20 pounds and 12 inches across her body, just suffered with severe bloating from a very poor diet. We have worked on her diet for a few months managing to get her diet more optimal for training and her lifestyle. Her results are amazing for only exercising 2 x week on average.


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