Client Sam Bird came to us completely lost, physically and mentally. Sam had serious health problems at the start which was stopping him from doing the things he loved to do, we started off slow building his confidence each week with 1 session a week and giving him a solid nutrition plan to follow. The results were incredible! In 12 months, Sam managed to lose 112 pounds! In that space of time he also managed to get a new job and is now heavily involved in our community.

Nicola Mason

Nicola came to us very unconfident with multiple injuries. We put together a nutrition and training plan that she could adhere to long term and the results were fantastic ! In 12 months Nicola managed to drop 60 pounds and more importantly became Fitter and stronger. Nicola now Strives to Maintain her physique and improve muscle definition alongside all of the LIAMFIT coaches. 


Will Arnold

We really enjoyed working with Will as he had a strong physique anyway but he wanted to take his physique too the next level. In 8 weeks we managed to pull off 14 pounds whilst retaining his muscle mass and the results are outstanding. Will has now entered the second phase and  strives to maintain what he has achieved.

Jodie Lupton

Jodie came to us wanting to drop the baby weight that she put on after her children and get stronger, within 7 weeks she lost 14 pounds and developed a strong understanding of Olympic lifting. Each week we work on her lifts and continue to educate her on nutrition through our provided seminars online or in person. Jodie loves the community feel and we are a solid part of her life now.


ATIQ Rehman 

ATIQ came to us very lost, after losing a loved one he found himself neglecting his health. He made that connection with us and we then started to map out a path for him to regain Confidence, so that he could pull himself out of a dark hole. 10 weeks later we managed to drop 28 pounds and retain muscle mass! ATIQ is a big part of our community now where he enjoys socialising on our forums and social platforms.

Adam Parish

This is the result of pure hard work! Adam wanted to create a physique that was powerful but also purposeful. We managed to pack on 12 pounds of lean muscle tissue within 2 years whilst enjoying a normal lifestyle. Adam continues to progress and improve his posture, we plan on getting his posture straighter and allow him to get into better positions when lifting. 


Andrew Markland 

Andrew came to us with some knowledge but lacked the results he wanted. He was heavily into his bodybuilding and wanted to see where he could push his physique, the results were outstanding! Within 12 months we created men’s physique look. We managed to drop 15 kg  in 12 months and retain muscle mass, Andy took a professional photo shoot at the end and he looked amazing!

Julie Richardson-Payne

Client Julie with her brand new physique, 5.7 stone down and still going strong. Julie came to me at almost 18 stone but at 4ft 11 she was in desperate need to shift some weight as her health was starting to deteriorate.  Julie has been with me 16 months now and has sustained her weight loss and continues to push further with her body composition.


Darren Davy

Darren came to us with no direction and lacked structure with his physique. In 8 weeks Darren had lost 8 kgs and is feeling so much happier and healthier, he continues to push his body in the right direction but is content with how he feels. He loves being part of the community and he shares lots of common interests with other clients.

Stacie Sutton

What an amazing transformation from my client Stacie Sutton, Stacie has lost 8 stone in 20 months. Her whole outlook on life has developed so much that she now bases her own work around her fitness. Stacie previously had tried every diet on the planet and failed miserably as she couldn’t keep any consistency with her diet. Over time we managed to process her mind to enjoy a balanced diet and enjoy training based around her work commitments and children.

Tom Gear

Tom came to me with the goal of increasing muscle mass and we certainly achieved that! With scientific backed nutrition and tailored training programmes we managed to drop 6% body fat and 12 pounds. Tom found he got stronger and fitter during the process and is about to go onto his next 12 week programme.

Katie Knight

Katie's 10 week programme worked a treat; she only could come to the gym once a week, which was with myself. With limited time to commit to the gym we focused on intensity with our workouts and watched the body fat drop consistently throughout, great work Katie!

Andy Hall

Andy came to me wanting to Bulk, he had struggled for years being classed as too ‘skinny.’ He approached me with my online services and my immediate attention was to his nutrition and the way he trained. With a steady increase in good wholesome calories and a tailored training programme going from strength to hypertrophy training, we managed to pack on 20 pounds in the space of 12 months.

Nikki Munns

Nikki wanting to fit in her bridesmaid dress and we did more than that! Nikki dropped 19 pounds and the process gave her the confidence to change her appearance/feel great in her clothes. Nikki trained once a week with myself in the gym and followed my training programme at home twice a week alongside her tailored nutritional programme.

Aaron Struggles

Aaron came to me with a little training background knowledge but had no real result. I put Aaron on a strength and conditioning programme as he wanted to keep a good frame whilst cut into his excess body fat. With the programme we managed to lose 28 pounds!!!! He now strives for an even stronger physique, well done Aaron.

Jo Gilbey

Jo really enjoyed my nutritional coaching on this programme; we needed to make her diet more interesting and enjoyable. We adjusted the way she cooked foods and the amount she ate by controlling her macronutrients. Jo had a training programme she could follow away from myself in the gym and it made the hour she came in worthwhile and productive. Jo lost 15 pounds and 10 inches across her body.